Importance of using the PowerPoint templates

Computer users are increased in recent days because they are using the device in various tasks to make their work easier and faster. Likewise today people are highly using the PowerPoint option to design the project easier. It is really one of the best tools for making the presentation really attractive. In PowerPoint the templates, Slides are plays very important role in the presentation. It is one of the most powerful tools designed by the world popular Microsoft Company. Form large scale companies to small scale companies are highly using this PowerPoint tool to create plenty of projects very quickly. Today online business people are highly using this template to create the presentation very quickly. Before introducing new products in the market particular companies are developing the presentation about the product presentation by using the PowerPoint templates. Almost all business concerns are highly utilizing the power point templates in recent days.

PowerPoint presentation is one of the most essential components for all corporate world conferences. In this competitive business market, where most of the leading companies are look one step forward to search the best quality attractive PowerPoint templates to sign more lucrative corporate deals. In PowerPoint templates there are lots of technical improvements are introduced for user proportion. The user can select the proper themes to improve their presentation easier. There are various impressive visual effects like Diagrams, chart, sounds; Bar charts etc will improve your presentation in great way. Using different attractive PPT templates helps corporate firms get extra grace over their business rivals. The most important factor in PowerPoint templates is to use good quality templates to covey your message very clearly to the audience. If you want more varieties of PowerPoint templates use this link and search your prefect themes easier with affordable cost. It will save the user money and time also.

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Are Our Memories Real and Do They Effect Our Lives?

Are Our Memories Real and Do They Effect Our Lives?

Emma James, NLP Trainer and NLP Sport Trainer discusses our perception of reality and memories and if any of our memories and reality is in fact real.
So, what is out reality? What in fact are our memories?
Our reality is completely based on our experience, our events through our life, the environment we grew up in, our social circle and our external stimulus plus the way in which we think and our own values and beliefs.
All of these things come together to give us what we believe is our reality.
In fact, our own reality is what we see through our own eyes and how we process information and no one person will have the same “reality” as anyone else. It is a little bit like a finger print.
For example – if there is a car accident and 10 people see the accident, in the police statements there will be 10 different accounts of the accident. One might be able to tell you the car, the angle of impact, the approximate speed and will not be able to give a description of the person. Someone else might be able to give you a detailed description of the people in the cars right down to the Gucci handbag, but not be able to describe the cars.
We only retain the information which we deem “important” or “pertinent” to us depending on the filters already explained in the earlier pages.
The amount of information coming at us is approximately 2,000,000 bits of information per second, the amount we retain is approximately 134 bits per second – so depending on how our “filters” are working, depends on what information we keep.
So – in essence – no one’s reality is in fact real. It is only our perception and what we believe to be true.
Therefore – the question is…………………are our memories in fact reality?
Of course the bare facts of the actual events will be real but how others were acting and how and why we reacted the way we did are subjective.
For instance, if you were 2 years old and you wandered into a room where the light was turned off and your Mum walked past closing the door, then that may have been a major trauma at that second for you. It may have felt like you were there locked in that room for 3 days when in fact you were there for 10 seconds before your Mum heard you and rushed back to open the door.
So, you are left with a memory or as we call it “internal representation”, which is that you were locked in a room for 3 days at age 2.
The facts were that you were in a room with the lights off at 2 years old and the door was shut and then opened again at a later interval. The rest of the information you retained was your own perception of what happened.
So, are you ready to let go of the past? Do you need to hang on to emotions connected with negative memories when part of those memories will be based on subjective interpretation?
Are you willing to change your reality at any given moment depending on what information you need to retain?
Another question is – if you are prepared to do this – are you also willing to let go of negative emotions and forgive yourself and others in order to be able to move forward?